Individual Menu Planning Package

Individual Menu Planning PackageI would love to help you improve your health and energy through a nutrition consultation. Some clients would also like to include a more extensive individual diet plan than we’re able to cover in this consultation. To achieve this, I have an Individual Menu Planning Package.

This Package offers a 60-minute One to One Nutrition Consultation (normally £80) and a Two Week Menu Plan (normally £50). The combined cost is £115, thereby saving £15 if you purchase the Package.

If you’d like to know more, here’s a recent sample of a meal plan I developed for one of my clients. During our consultation she described her experiences with menopause, the recent development of joint pain, and her goal of developing a diet more suited to healthy ageing. We were focusing on increasing her intake of fermented soy, including steps to help reduce her inflammation, and helping to optimise her digestion and absorption.

Do please ask me about the Individual Menu Planning Package in your Discovery Call, or click here to book your appointment now.

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