One-to-One Consultations

People seek help from Nutritional Therapists for a wide variety of reasons. We are all individuals, each with unique health signs and symptoms – and at Harmony Nutrition, Sharon Mobbs recognises this in her approach. From a therapeutic perspective, all she needs is a patient who is ready to understand the potential health benefits of harnessing the therapeutic power of food, mindfulness and lifestyle changes. Using food to enhance our body functions could help to:

  • Optimise energy levels
  • Balance hormone and metabolic processes
  • Support gastrointestinal health
  • Promote tolerance of a wide range of foods
  • Foster emotional and psychological wellbeing, and
  • Support a healthy immune system.

When working with children, Sharon will talk through a parent or carer’s reasons for seeking help, and the story of their child’s health from conception to present. This will help her look at the whole picture of how symptoms have developed, taking into account physical, mental and emotional factors. This information helps Sharon to identify nutritional imbalances and offer practical advice and support for both diet and lifestyle, to address each child’s individual needs. As a parent, you must consent to and attend all consultations with a minor. Sharon is happy to offer flexibility on the structure and formality of the children’s session.

A first consultation costs £80 and includes pre-consultation documentation, a 60-minute consultation at the clinic, a personal nutrition and lifestyle plan (including recipes and handout sheets where appropriate) and online/telephone support for two weeks. An extended initial appointment is recommended for complex cases or at your request, costing £100 for 90 minutes.

Joint consultations between two people from the same family at the same time, lasting 2 hours, are also available, costing £150.

For peace of mind Sharon also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee – see the Terms and Conditions for full details.

You may need one or more follow-up consultations. Each 45-minute consultation costs £45 and includes an updated nutrition and lifestyle plan and online support for four weeks. Follow-up consultations can be held on the phone, via Skype or Facetime, or at the clinic – whichever is most convenient for you.

Weekend and evening appointments are available. We offer flexibility in scheduling, but in return we ask for 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule an appointment, or the full consultation fee will be charged. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.
Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about a consultation.