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Responsibility Deal Series – H5 – Top 4 Actions for Respiratory Health

Supporting respiratory health and the prevention of respiratory illness is the second aspect of Responsibility Deal Pledge H5 (see my previous post about Smoking Cessation for the first part). You could include some or all of my suggestions in your pledge when you sign up to H5, and then track their success by monitoring long

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Responsibility Deal Series – H5 – Nutrition and Smoking Cessation

Half of all people who die as a consequence of smoking are aged 35 to 69 according to one estimate (Peto et al, 2006). Aside from the loss of friends and family at such an early age, this represents a significant economic loss of skills and expertise. Furthermore it may increase costs to a business

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Why should companies reconsider the Responsibility Deal?

The Public Health Responsibility Deal is a UK government initiative with two aims: to encourage the food and drinks industries to improve the health standards of their products, and to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace more generally. It is formed of 37 pledges in key wellness areas: food, health, physical activity and alcohol.

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What is Mindful Eating?

We’re getting ready for the Four Weeks of Mindful Eating course, which starts next week over on my Facebook page. I thought it might be useful to share a little bit more about mindful eating and why it might work for you, like no other healthy eating approach has. Mindfulness is all about being purposeful

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10 Ways to Improve Healthy Eating at your Workplace TODAY

Haven’t got started on helping your employees improve their healthy eating at work yet? Then today’s post is for you. There’s no excuse now. Here’s everything you need to implement ten low cost high impact steps to enhance the nutritional wellbeing of your workplace today. One – give away some fruit Stop at the supermarket

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